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Bioremediation is the use of live microorganisms that actually digest fat, oil, and grease and convert them into water and carbon dioxide.  Bioremediation is a solution for drain and grease trap problems.  This process safely eliminates grease deposits, significantly reduces foul odors, prevents drain line backups, and reduces grease trap maintenance.

Microbes are infused directly into drain lines, grease traps, and septic systems where they simply live, existing only to eat fats, oils, grease, and organic materials.  The continuous cleaning system utilizes natural bacteria instead of harsh bleaches, free enzymes, or caustic chemicals.

Drain line concerns

Drain Flies: Grease and organic material build up in drains and are a primary feeding and breeding site for drain flies.

Odors: Organic materials decompose and create odors.

Drain Line Buildup: Drain lines can become clogged through constant use. Grease and organic material accumulate inside of pipes and reduce flow capacity.

Grease Trap Maintenance: Grease traps fill quickly and require frequent pumping.  Cleaning the traps can be both costly and messy.

Full Service Bioremediation

Floor and Drain Line Service: Alexander’s will reduce drain fly breeding sites, odors, and buildup of organic material in drain lines by directly treating the drains with microbes.

Grease Trap Injection Service: Alexander’s will install and maintain a continuous cleaning system to the grease trap units for a constant defense against fats, oils, and grease build up.

Vegetation Control

Alexander’s provides commercial weed control services for industrial, commercial, and government sites. We offer one time application treatments that are long term, so that way you don’t have to worry about the cost and inconvenience of retreats.

We treat many different sites; some examples of what we service are: guardrails and signposts, sewage facilities, substations, parking areas, fence lines, right of ways, industrial sites, and more!

Alexander’s is committed to serving you. We guarantee our work because we want your sites to be as clean and as safe as you need them to be. We also comply with all state and federal regulations as applicable to our business.

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